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Adrian Film Community Rink

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About the Adrian Film Community Rink

The Adrian Film Community Rink has been around since the first year of the festival.

Located in the heart of downtown Adrian, the rink is set up and taken down yearly in the winter months. So long as there is ice, it is open to the public.

Throughout the freezing months, Adrian College students get to manage their own booths that offer outside winter necessities like hot cocoa.

In addition to the students, there are TA’s, interns, partnerships, and professors who contribute to the success and enjoyment of our beloved outdoor rink.


There is plenty of free time where skaters come to the rink and get to borrow rented skates at the kiosk. Then there are also a lot of planned events.

From hockey to figure skating to learning how to skate at all, there's plenty of fun to be had!

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